True happiness never comes from money. Happiness comes from intangibles like rich human relationships, a sense of purpose, and a feeling of optimism. Planning for tomorrow brings hope and joy to the present moment, which is a true happiness dividend.

Jonathan K. DeYoe

No one—not brokers, not Wall Street pundits, not you—knows what the future holds. The financial media thrives on crisis, and there is always a crisis happening somewhere. The market is falling; the market is rising; if you’re not in on the latest trends, you will be penniless. It’s enough to drive a person crazy.

On top of that, we have internalized deep emotional beliefs about money and success, learned from our parents, grandparents, and society. Those beliefs are usually full of contradictions and fear. On top of that, we often cope with the stresses of modern life by indulging in whatever makes us feel better right now. This reliance on immediate gratification may cost us the secure future we want and deserve.

Thankfully, reaching your financial goals does not require denying yourself everything that gives your life joy and meaning. It’s simply a matter of making mindful tradeoffs. When you can acknowledge the feelings you have today (shiny new car!) and dispassionately weigh them against your long-term priorities (a comfortable retirement with ample time for volunteering or grandkids,) it’s a lot easier to make financial decisions that lead to genuine happiness.

Happiness Dividend will help you:

  • untangle your unrealistic feelings and fears about money from the actual reality of financial markets
  • set concrete goals for your future: what you need (retirement income you can’t outlive,) what you want (a new car, fancy vacation, business opportunity, or good education for your kids,) and the legacy you hope to leave
  • focus on the concrete steps you can take to reach your goals so that you can tune-out the media “noise” that leads you away from your own happiness

You can learn to make sound financial decisions based on your values and goals. Mindfully managing your money helps you grow your wealth slowly but steadily over the long-term, despite countless short-term dips and stock-market panics. Think how much more you will enjoy the life you’re living right now once you stop clicking every trending tag on the financial sites.

Go ahead and be subversive! Allow your wealth to work for you and outlive you – instead of the other way around. Resist the distractions of the next hot stock, the shiny new toys flaunted by your peers, and the constant temptations from advertisers to spend, spend, spend. These things may bring you a temporary joy, but they will ultimately derail your plans from what you want for your life, your family, and your legacy.

By following what Buddhists call “the middle path,” we will find our way to financial sanity and earn what I call our happiness dividend—the joy and satisfaction that come from a life well lived.

Jonathan K. DeYoe

If you make a few simple changes to your behavior and beliefs about money, you won’t just achieve the financial future you want. You will be able to relax and live your life right now in the peaceful awareness that you’ve set yourself on the path to long-term success.

That is your happiness dividend.

Jonathan K. DeYoe

Jonathan is the author of Mindful Money and wholeheartedly believes you can create a roadmap to wealth and increase your happiness dividend by making mindful financial choices. Visit his website.