healthOur health should be a primary consideration in our life plans, not an afterthought, so let’s move it front and center for a few minutes.

Start by thinking about yesterday. How did you feel — both physically and mentally — at the end of your day? Healthy, energized, and strong? Sick, tired, and weak? None of the above? Some mix of the above? Write down how you felt, and take a moment to reflect on the conscious and unconscious financial choices you made yesterday that affected your health. What nurtured you? What sabotaged you? Make a list.

Now think about today. How do you feel right this moment? Again, put pen to paper and assign words to those feelings, then compare how you feel today with how you felt yesterday. Is it better, worse, or the same? Consider today’s conscious and unconscious financial choices, and compare them to the choices that impacted your health yesterday. How is today different? Have any of your choices worked better or worse for you today? Make another list.

Finally, take a moment to decide how you want to feel tomorrow. Review your evaluations of the past two days and identify three conscious financial choices you can make tomorrow to support your decision and your health. Perhaps that means bringing a homemade lunch or leaving work on time. Jot down your choices on a sticky note, and leave it someplace, like a bathroom mirror, where you’ll see it first thing tomorrow morning. Start each day with a conscious reminder to turn your healthy choices into deliberate actions.