financialOnce we set aside the illusion that we can get rich quick, how can we start to work mindfully right now toward achieving our financial goals over the long haul?

Let’s revisit the “Itinerary” exercise from last month. Find the paper where you wrote down those three columns. Now divide a new page into two columns; label one column “Here” and the other “Present.” In the first column, take another pass at describing your “Here” from the “Itinerary” exercise; feel free to add, subtract, or clarify anything from your previous list. Now, turn to the “Present” column. For each item under “Here,” identify at least one simple, concrete action you can take to improve that thing in the present moment. Then, tear this page out of your notebook, write “TO DO” across the top, and put this list in a prominent place, such as on your desk or tacked to your refrigerator, where you’ll see it at least once a day. Set the intention to implement each and every action in your “Present” column over the coming twelve months. Don’t rush to accomplish all of them at once. Take your time turning these actions into a daily practice.