walk the talkI call this practice “Walk the Talk” because it’s designed to propel you from thought to action in four deliberate baby steps. On a sheet of paper, create four columns, and label them after each of the ABCs of Accountability:

  1. Desires & Values
  2. Goals
  3. Actions
  4. Resources

As with similar exercises, tackle each column one at a time. In the first column, describe one desire and/or value that feels compelling to you at the moment. If nothing immediately comes to mind, feel free to brainstorm some ideas until you settle on just one of your heart’s desires. For example, perhaps you value animal rights or desire to improve your fitness level.

In the next column, translate your desire or value into a SMAC goal, that is, a goal that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Compatible with your other goals. For example, this could be lowering your resting heart rate five beats per minute over the next two months.

In the “Actions” column, choose a simple action that you can and will follow consistently. No need to go crazy. This could be something simple like taking a thirty-minute walk around the block every night before dinner or volunteering once a week at the local shelter.

In the “Resources” column, identify the resources you’ll need to fulfill your chosen desire. Put your time and money where your meaning is: Buy a pair of walking shoes or reserve two hours on your calendar to volunteer.

Your intention? Hold yourself 100 percent accountable to your action plan!