Your Tax ReturnAlmost nothing feels better than finishing your tax return and discovering that you have a healthy refund coming this year – but there is one thing: the giver’s high you’ll get when you share just 10% of that windfall with a local non-profit organization that is doing work you believe makes a difference.

While there are plenty of worthy national and international organizations competing for donations, donating locally will give you the biggest happiness bang for your buck, because you can actually see the good your dollars are doing in your community.

You may be one of the folks who knows exactly which deserving organization will get your 10%. If not, do a little research. Ask friends and family members which local organizations they are supporting. Or search the internet for your city + a cause you care about, like animal rescue, feeding the hungry, park restoration, etc. Most non-profits have donation information front and center on their website.

Not getting a return this year? Plenty of non-profits need volunteers to help them with projects big & small. Why not give one that inspires you a call and offer your services?

For more reflections about the important role generosity plays in a happy life, you can read Chapter 16 of my book, Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend.