friendshipWriting in the Atlantic, Julie Beck discusses “How Friends Become Closer.”

I have noticed I used to play on soccer teams and I used to go to a gym and I used to ski with my friends and I used to meditate in a Sangha and I used to practice T’ai Chi with a group…

Today, I don’t have a soccer team (I suffered two injuries that ended in surgeries), I work out at home (in the early a.m. when I have time), I ski with my wife (who is truly my favorite ski buddy), I meditate at home in my office and I no longer practice T’ai Chi.

I have 4 close friends. One of them was my Jr. High science partner; One of them I met in Grad School; and two of them I met early on in my business (they are both advisors as well). But, I am NOT very good at keeping these relationship going… my reason is that I am very busy.

This, I know, is not good enough.

Lifelong friends are difficult to maintain, but there is not a whole lot that is more important.

In the end, it is a question of important vs. immediate or top of mind. Your partner, your parents and your kids are always there, while your friends are willing to take a backseat… don’t let them (for your own good).