grumpyWhen I read Robert Gebeloff’s article Generation Grumpy: Why You May Be Unhappy if You’re Around 50 in the New York Times, I absolutely recognized my peer group. And myself! The Generation Xers we do planning for often find themselves in a place where their expenses are higher than they had anticipated and their income is not increasing enough to make all their plans a reality.

I get it. It took me a lot longer to achieve financial success than I thought it would, so I share their feeling of being a bit behind. I have weathered the inevitable market setbacks pretty well, and I am happy with my ability to save today. But this is a relatively new phenomena for me, so I still have some catching up to do.

However, these statistics don’t depress me. I think what’s actually going on is that plenty of folks from older generations like the Baby Boomers are working longer and their earnings are continuing to rise. While this currently skews the numbers in their favor, it is entirely possible that this trend will continue for my generation, and our earning potential will catch-up, if not overtake theirs’ in the future

I do have one dangling question: when did 45 qualify as “around 50?”

Now I’m really grumpy!