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Why Diversify Internationally

The US markets, especially the largest companies in the US with the ability to both source labor and sell goods internationally, have done incredibly well in the very recent past. Because of this recent outperformance, I know there are people that are considering...

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Set Goals Early For Better Outcomes

Mindful Money Minute - Set Goals Early For Better Outcomes After you have spent some time thinking about what is worth having in your version of a happy & meaningful life, the “planning” bit begins by naming and prioritizing the different milestones that are important...

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Where Does Financial Planning Begin?

Mindful Money Minute - Where Does Financial Planning Begin? Most people think financial planning begins with laying out your current financial situation, considering all your goals and determining what you have to do to bridge the gap – and this is a very important...

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Jonathan K. DeYoe

Jonathan is the author of Mindful Money and the idea that your own behavior creates a roadmap to your wealth and finding your happiness dividend.