OlderAmerican fathers are getting older.

I had my first child at 33, so I fall right in this article’s sweet spot.

The benefit was obvious. I had finished school. I had found the right partner – my first wife and I had already divorced (with no kids). And, I had established a decent career path.

However, the downside was equally obvious. Shortly after my eldest was born, I tipped the scales at 290. At 6’5”, I was overweight, but I was able to hide it (from everyone except myself and my wife). It wasn’t until he was 2 years old that I realized I would have a hard time keeping up with my kids when they were in middle school and beyond if I didn’t make some changes.

This was when I made the commitment to recapture my health and allowed me to coach both my kids soccer teams and remain active with them as they grow up.

If we are to be good fathers, our physical health is important – it allows us to be there during their activities while they are growing? And, I assume, our wisdom will be needed when they decide they want to get married or buy their first home or move to another part of the country (all things I am glad to have been able to discuss with my own father).