In his 2017 Half-Time Event (held for DeYoe Wealth Management clients on July 27th, 2017), Jonathan K. DeYoe discussed the global markets and economies and offers an explanation of where we are right now. Before we can understand where we might be going, we have to know where we are. Jonathan cuts through a lot of the economic noise and considers the important things in markets and economies that deserve our attention right now.

Our January Forecasts and July Half-Time events are part of the DeYoe Wealth Management eco-system of advice. Our continuous program of education and communication is an integral part of our behavioral advice practice. It is important that people have a plan or have an appropriate portfolio, but it is dramatically more important that they STICK WITH their plan and portfolio precisely when it ‘feels’ wrong to do so. It is patience and discipline that makes the long-term difference. This is our “WHY.”

Jonathan K. DeYoe is the author of Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend and he is the founder of two companies:
DeYoe Wealth Management where a few client families find seamless, comprehensive, and pro-active financial services in the San Francisco Bay Area, and The HappinessDividend where next generation advisors are working to support next generation clients with a digital investment experience, integrated financial planning and responsive support.

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