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After You Invest: Invest According to Your Plan

Part of the Happiness Dividend Video Webinars. After You Invest have an investing plan After you invest, the mental game begins.The market will always be changing---don't chase the portfolio of the season. Avoid reacting based on anxiety---base your investing...

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Maximize Your 401k Through Retirement Planning

Maximize Your 401k Through Retirement Planning All of your financial decisions affect your retirement. Plan for retirement---use your company's retirement program to maximize your retirement income. Understand what's going on in the market today with Jonathan K. DeYoe...

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Work, Creativity, & Human Flourishing.

VOCARI: Our Work, Creativity & The Human Spirit – The Buddha and Jesus in Conversation. Getting past the absurdity that I can carry the Buddha torch and Erwin can carry the Jesus torch for a moment, I do think that both speak to the HOW of human flourishing. Through...

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Jonathan K. DeYoe

Jonathan is the author of Mindful Money and wholeheartedly believes you can create a roadmap to wealth and increase your happiness dividend by making mindful financial choices. Visit his website.