About Happiness Dividend


Dear Investor,


No one knows what the future holds, even though the financial media would like you to believe otherwise. This uncertainty can make you mighty uncomfortable when it meets your deepest emotional beliefs about money and success, because those beliefs are often full of contradictions and fear. To cope with this discomfort about money, many of us either ignore the issue or spend our hard-earned dollars on things that makes us feel better in the moment, at the expense of our long-term security.

Fortunately, planning for your financial future does not require depriving yourself of the things that give joy and meaning to your life. It’s simply a matter of making mindful tradeoffs. When you can calmly weigh your immediate wants against your long-term priorities, it’s much easier to make the smart financial decisions that lead to genuine happiness.

We at Happiness Dividend believe that good investors act, they don’t react. We believe your financial outcomes are largely the result or your choices. Our goal is to help you:

· Establish concrete financial goals for your future that balance what you want in the present with what you need in the future

· Make plan-based investment decisions in the face of market volatility and media frenzy

· Invest based on your personal values and investment philosophy

· Live the life you want for your family, yourself, and your legacy

Shifting your perspective on money and wealth and your behaviors around spending and investing helps you create the financial future you envision. Better yet, planning for tomorrow brings hope and joy to the present moment, which is the truest happiness dividend.

Start on the Mindful Money path today. Your future self will thank you.



By following what Buddhists call “the middle path,” we will find our way to financial sanity and earn what I call our happiness dividend—the joy and satisfaction that come from a life well lived.

Jonathan K. DeYoe
Author, Mindful Money