importEvery state has adopted official symbols that represent its culture and heritage. You can probably name your state’s official bird and flower. It’s likely you recognize your state’s flag and its seal. Can you name its highest value export?

The United States exported about $1.6 trillion worth of goods during 2017, according to The World Factbook. Here is a list of the states that export the most, along with their highest value exports:

  1. Texas – fuel oil and light oil
  2. California – civilian aircraft, engines, and parts
  3. Washington – civilian aircraft, tanks, and armored vehicles
  4. New York – diamonds and art
  5. Illinois – light oil and soybeans
  6. Michigan – trucks and passenger vehicles
  7. Louisiana – fuel oil and soybeans
  8. Florida – civilian aircraft and cellular phones
  9. Ohio – civilian aircraft and soybeans
  10. Pennsylvania – coal and medicine
  11. Indiana – medicine and gear boxes
  12. Georgia – civilian aircraft and gas turbines
  13. New Jersey – fuel oil and jewelry
  14. Tennessee – medical instruments and civilian aircraft
  15. North Carolina – civilian aircraft and medicine

It’s interesting to note top-exporting states often are top-importing states. The top 10 states by import are: California, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Florida.

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