good linksWe are what we think.
We think about what we read.
There is so much that is unhelpful.
Let’s share some good bits.

What are you reading?



Look forward by seeing how others look back. What are Seniors’ Biggest Financial Regrets From Their Twenties? (Priceonomics)

Don’t focus on expiring knowledge. What could be more important than knowing and growing your own First Principles? (Farnam Street)

In this very simple list of Warren Buffett’s success factors, 6 are obvious. The 7th stands out as unique… and this is important. 7 Secrets of Warren Buffet’s Success (as per Charlie Munger). (Safal Niveshak)

Did Kendrik Lamar win a Pulitzer… or did the Pulitzer win a Kendrik Lamar? Kendrik Lamar and the Shell Game of ‘Respect.’ (The Atlantic)

You can love the flawed hero, but emulate the best – kind, humble, resilient, powerful. We all have a little Super(wo)man in us. A slow motion trainwreck  (Seth Godin)

Lest we begin to think that our high spending/low saving/borrowing from the future habit is sustainable. The Pension Time Bomb: $400 Trillion by 2050  (Visual Capitalist)

Upward social comparisons are leading to bad financial choices.  Spend some time making ‘downward’ social comparisons and cultivating Gratitude for the good things in your life.  Is Instinct Eroding Your Financial Health? (Morningstar)

Consumption Spirals and the difference between being ‘vertically’ wealthy and ‘horizontally’ wealthy. (Paul Jarvis)

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