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  • 30 minutes well spent.  Ray Dalio narrates his own animated mini-series… Principles For Success.
  • Because who doesn’t want to make Smart Decisions?!. (Farnam Street)
  • The Arc of Happiness. Forget balance in your 20s and 30s; Sweat (don’t watch); Choose a Good Partner; Learn; Equity = Wealth; Spend < Make; Stop drinking; Experiences > Things; don’t be so hard on yourself… Watch The Algebra of Happiness NOW! (Scott Galloway)
  • I think we confuse a desire for “happiness” with the desire for a calm “contentment.” Can You Overdose on Happiness? (Nautilus)
  • Tom, what happens when we add Amazon to the mix? Now… anyone can get whatever they want… delivered… tomorrow… if not this afternoon????  The Habit Chain (Tom Corley)
  • It’s never the bus you see coming that hits you. Nobody Planned This; Nobody Expected It (Collaborative Fund)
  • If you are successful because you are receiving oodles of referrals; this probably explains why. If you are successful for any other reason; you may be doing it wrong and your ‘success’ may prove fleeting. Earning Referrals by deserving referrals. (Dennis Moseley Williams)
  • A Long-term Perspective (along with a plan and behavioral coaching) is one of the three pillars of support that comes with good financial advice. Great Things Take Time (Of Dollars and Data)