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  • The only way you can build resilience and become tough is by dealing with challenge and difficulty in your life. Don’t worry about feeling sad: on the benefits of a blue period. (aeon – Dinsa Sachan)
  • In many areas of life (esp. social, economic, political, philosophical) there is very little in terms of absolute truth… so stories rule the day. None of our stories are facts. There is always nuance. Humans are a post-truth species. (Guardian – Q&A with Yuval Noah Harari)
  • We eat organic food to support good health… shouldn’t we be equally concerned about the quality of stuff we put in our brain? Why You Should Stop Reading News (Farnam Street – Shane Parrish)
  • Anyone who wants to understand their portfolio’s “deviation” from the market or its benchmarks or any other comparable. So… Everyone! An Investment Philosophy: Who Needs It? (The Integrating Investor – Seth Levine)
  • SRI & ESG returns will differ (sometimes upwardly; sometimes downwardly) from traditional benchmarks in the short run because you own different things. But, you don’t lose anything in the long run by being responsible.  Advice not to follow #2: Avoid ESG funds, they’re losers (MF Observer – David Snowball)
  • The sequence of returns and the extremes of return variability are MORE important that average return. Why are they completely ignored by most retirement investors? The Critical Factors of Portfolio Ruin Aren’t Predictable (Retirement Café – Dirk Cotton)
  • Have a solid financial plan – IGNORE the day to day market commentary. Bad News. (HumbleDollar – Jonathan Clements)
  • Gary Vaynerchuk is keeping it real – THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PASSIVE INCOME!!! If you have passive income now… it is because you put in work, hustle, & grind before. (Youtube – Vaynerchuk Fan Page)