good linksWe are what we think.
We think about what we read.
There is so much that is unhelpful.
Let’s share some good bits.

What are you reading?

ICYMI – Last Week’s Good Links.

  1. There is ALWAYS more to be grateful for than we realize. Stuck on what to be grateful for, check out Daniel Egan’s The Wealth of Sapiens.
  2. Dan Ariely, one of the Gurus of behavioral finance, was one of my favorite presenters at a Duke University Exec. Ed. Event recently (I think everyone else loved the basketball coach). In, We Forget That Everything Is Relative, he explains that a $60 shirt is a $60 shirt (no matter the markups or mark downs that happen around the pricing).
  3. Check out Saving our Sons from The Good Men Project. My mom and dad were occasionally very hard on my brother and I. We had jobs when we were young. We paid our own way much of the time. And, there were certain behavioral expectations. They weren’t raising boys; they were raising men.
  4. Bill Gates’ 2018 Annual Letter offers his usual reasons for optimism and reminds us we still have a long way to go.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly. Our extreme us-vs.-them(ness) is hurting our ability to see the nuances within arguments. Language and frame in political discussion is as much an issue as the issues themselves.
  6. Morgan Housel explains that It’s Hard To Predict How You’ll Respond To Risk.  A taste: “The distance between me anticipating what a downturn will feel like vs. actually being in a downturn is ten miles wide.”
  7. Daniel P. Egan is one of my new favorites because of this piece on the importance of Strategic Faith in investing.
  8. Don’t take my word for it, listen to Warren Buffett’s playbook on market corrections.

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