good linksWe are what we think.
We think about what we read.
There is so much that is unhelpful.
Let’s share some good bits.

What are you reading?

  1. BE IT! Don’t just Do It.  Dennis Moseley-Williams
  2. Read what happens when a Mindfulness Skeptic tries to build a case against Mindfulness… Spoiler: He fails.
  3. Farnam Street goes deep on the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle.  Complexity Bias: Why We Prefer Complicated to Simple.
  4. We could all use a smile and a little more kindness in our lives. If you are curious about why, read How The Power Of Kindness Impacts Your Life And Others.
  5. If you tend to become stuck in the anxieties and frustrations of daily life, try looking on the bright side as a corrective. Here are The 99 best things that happened in 2017.
  6. Nothing is ever perfect. It is merely what all the causes, conditions, and decisions brought into being. Which, when we look closely, is kind of perfect. Thanks, Seth Godin, for the reminder.
  7. If you are doing it on your own or just want to make sure your advisor is checking all the boxes, here is a good Financial To-Do list for 2018 from an trusted independent source – MorningStar. You will probably see us developing a few these topics throughout the year.