Your financial success begins with you.

Simple changes to your everyday behavior can put you on the path to the life you want to live.

Ignore the constant buzz of the financial media. Stop worrying about things you can’t control – like the stock market. Focus on the concrete steps you can take to reach your long-term goals.

At Happiness Dividend, you’ll find facts, tools and perspectives to help you make the right decisions for your financial health and personal well-being.

Learn to make mindful money choices rooted in your values.

Plan for the future on your terms.

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The tomorrow you want starts today, with you. Why not give these simple tools a try?

Retirement Income Calculator

The Mindful Money Retirement Calculator is designed to give you a good sense of what you will need to put away on a monthly basis to reach your desired retirement income goal, actual results may vary.

Financial Planning Worksheets

From women & money, to kids & cash, to a plan to reduce your debt and build your savings. We have free worksheets designed to help guide you towards the financial future you want.

 Video Series

Learn More About Planning & Investing with Jonathan K. DeYoe and the Happiness Dividend Mindful Money Minute.

E-Learning Video Series

Delve deeper with our animated e-learning video series. These four videos explore key financial topics: cash management, planning, investing for your future, and an intro to savings, credit, and debt. Enter your information below to get immediate access!

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